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Your local transmission specialists


At Trans Service Plus, we offer minor and major services for your car. Our minor car service includes a complete safety check of all lights, electrical equipment, brake system, suspension and steering. We check all fluid levels and change - if necessary. Car brakes are cleaned and adjusted where needed, tires are checked for condition and pressure. The engine oil and oil filter are replaced using quality parts. Wiper blades are replaced, if necessary, and the vehicle is road tested.


Major services can include a full tune-up, transmission services, cooling system flush and refill, and any other fluid replaced as necessary.

  • Manufacturer’s specified maintenance services

  • Fluid inspections and top-off

  • Oil and filter change services

  • Battery inspection and life test

  • Comprehensive fluid flushes

  • Shocks and struts replacements

  • 2 wheel and 4 wheel alignments

  • Headlight restorations

  • Timing belt, belts and hose replacements

Call us today: (616) 892-4861
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